Filmtrade offers a wide variety of Motion Picture and Theatrical Lighting equipment: HMI, Tungsten, Kinoflo, Dedolight, K5600/Joker, Xenon and other specialty lighting.

ARRI's extensive range of lighting products offers an abundance of creative lighting solutions. ARRI lights are put to use across the world on feature film and TV productions, in TV
studios, at major sporting events and for industrial applications.

Pars Fresnels Softlights & Specialty

Introducing Our 1000HZ High Speed Balast 

1200, 1800, 2.5, 4k all in one 


Fresnels / Compacts
 Soft Lights  Specialty
Arri M-Series

125 Pocket Par
575 Fresnel
1.2K Soft Light
4K Goya

200 Pocket Par 1.2K Compact 2.5K Soft Light
2K Xenon

400 Joker
2.5K Fresnel
4K Xenon

575 Par
4K Compact

800 Joker
 6K Fresnel

1.2K  Par 12K Fresnel  

1.8K Par 12K Compact

2.5K Par 18K Fresnel

4K Par     

6K Par

18K Max